Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pay Per Click Advertising - Is it For You?

For a new with the Internet and earn some more money (and more and more people are becoming more and more every day). This is a great experience. Where to start?

What about membership.

There are many methods to promote the affiliation of your product. But in this article, we pay-per-click

What is Pay-per-click. ? Simply its market, where you have someone else produced by the pay-per-click ads like Google AdWords. If your potential customers on your ad and ends on your site, they are hopefully a purchase, and you will receive your commission.

Can say you have chosen for the promotion of a product form with the name of "Ready for Life" as a partner. You want to offer your keywords regarding this product. How in good shape, stay in form and fitness program.

Species, if someone in one of these keywords in your Google ads are placed on the right of the Google page in question. If you take a look, almost every page on Google, you will see all messages sponsored under the right of the page.

Google has a price for each keyword you use. The more popular the more you pay. But you only pay if someone is on your ad.

Can say, "fitness program" as a keyword costs $ 0.10 Well, every time someone clicks on your ad, it costs $ 0.10

Well, if the means for 100 clicks per day at a price of $ 100 x 0.10 = $ 10.00 per day.

Monitoring, over time, you have the possibility for the number of clicks to a sale.

If you chose the product, fit for life, sells for $ 40 and you receive 50% commission ($ 20), and sell 2 products for every 100 clicks, then: --

Sales = 2 x $ 20 = $ 40
Cost clicks = 100 x $ 0.10 = $ 10

Profit = $ 30

Of course, this is only a simple example. But the image.

If someone clicks on your ad to be taken to your landing page. (You must simply theirs). Your page is a simple Web page that sells the product you are advertising for your customers and sends it to the actual product of the Web site to encourage you. So, if a purchase, you will receive your commission.

For many of us, it seems the perfect place to start, a large number of products for the selection, not need an expert in everything, no noise and no products to customers.

But .. Is it really so simple. Now the downside, if a low number of sales. If any body to buy. Your daily pass is $ 50 for your keywords and only 20 euros. After that, your in trouble. And this is so beware.

The reasons may be complex, it was the wrong keywords. Do you have the right people. What is your destination page. Or maybe you did not your research and the product was not at first.

Earn money from pay-per-click is time, money and experience, and test, test, test. If you have money and are willing to test and optimize, so it is a very profitable money, earn money and quickly.

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