Sunday, June 14, 2009

Direct Linking and Pay Per Click

Many members said that the direct links are no longer a viable alternative to Google AdWords. And many people who believe it to be. But the new software market has shown us that a direct connection is always used, and it was used successfully in such a way that some of its members is only a direct connection.

What is a direct link?

The direct link is a simple affiliate link in the affiliate sales page and use the link to send visitors directly to the sale page. And if you use pay-per-click your efforts, you take the affiliate link. Hiding and make it seems if it is a trader who makes the ads, because it is a direct link to a merchant site, without the middle of the page, the advertiser.

For example, if you've been promoting affiliate your affiliate link But when you make a payment per click, you'll need to add to your campaign and show that the display URL. When a visitor clicks the link, it is nevertheless a link. And if the visitor to buy, you have been paid.

Most members believe that the direct link does not work, because the quality of the Google question. But since Google makes money, they do not really care. If you have a good AdWords ad and get a high CTR, your ad is shown.

The only problem that may arise is that if you have a low CTR ad is not displayed, but the person with the highest CTR ad to appear.

Combat this problem, it is desirable to obtain a cost-per-click program that shows you how to choose a winning advertising. Then when you get ads with Google, you do not have to do is make sure that you supply the correct key words so that you have a lot of people clicking on your ad.

Direct links are not dead and many of the subsidiaries are still using it to make a lot of money. Simply knowing how to use and what are the best products available. It is therefore important to have a good pay per click software well tracking code feature.

Once you have the software to your arsenal of affiliate marketing, you can reduce the CPC provides the where and how to use the direct links. And still can not make a lot of money to do so.

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