Saturday, June 27, 2009

Four Ways to Ruin Your PPC Campaign

If you are contemplating entering the world of pay per click advertising to boost your business, you undoubtedly have read a number of articles explaining how to get the most out of your budget and how to optimize your ads for maximum exposure. You may find the view is similar in all areas, but not for every column or article focuses on the major mistakes that could cost you money and make your campaigns a waste of time inefficient . PPC advertising May be less expensive than other means of promotion paid, but if you do not do this correctly, you will find the money is badly spent.

So how can you really spoil your PPC program? If you know what not to do to succeed, it is very easy.

Use an ad for the whole campaign - especially for multi-faceted, keeping an announcement to support a PPC campaign is a killer. You must shake the entire scope of your company in three short lines, which risks the loss of click-through for people looking for something specific.

Only one target demographic - If you are responding to more than one geographic area targeted by putting all your eggs in the PPC region be alienating customers from other locations you serve. Businesses in line with a national scope also stand the chance of losing the visitors who use local search to find products and services.

Do not create pages for the ads - Let's say you use multiple ads in your campaign. Email all ads to the same Web page, whether relevant or not, could lead to a decline in visitors. Users click on ads and waiting to be taken to where they want, without having to mine through pages. Forcing people to look further than irritating, it does not convert.

Do not use the correct keywords in the title - the assumption of a person who uses "baseball cards" in the research, it is likely to click on an ad that uses the phrase in the title. Last relevance of keywords in the title - especially the name of your company, if it does not seem to have something to do with your business - no doubt due to scroll past your ad.

Be careful with this advice and do exactly the opposite to make sure you do not fall into any traps.

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