Monday, August 9, 2010

What's Better Between This Two? PPC or Natural SEO?

SEO and Internet marketing are necessary components of most websites and search engines are becoming increasingly complex, as marketing strategies SEO.

So when it comes to search marketing, to decide between a pay-per-click and / or marketing campaign, organic search can be a crucial decision to try to increase the visibility of your business website. Know the difference and up / disadvantages of both PPC and organic SEO can really help increase the visibility of the site and increase website traffic according to their needs.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click advertising is where advertisers pay a research home for a place in its pages paid classification. Advertisers pay then search the Web site when you click on your ads. For example, the PPC ads labeled "Sponsored Links" on Google and appear at the top of the page and on the right side of the results page.

Most search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to bid for keywords, when competitors bid on certain keywords to determine the cost per click keyword / s. The more popular the keyword / s, the more expensive the cost per click.

Pay per click marketing can be useful for search engine marketing in the short term, you can really target your niche audience. However, there are big drawbacks to PPC.

1. The pricing of keywords is rising, competition for the main keywords is high. The price is also in constant evolution since the CPP is based on bids for keywords. So, having a fixed budget for PPC marketing is almost impossible.
2. Fraud-3 4 advertisers are victims of what is known as click fraud. "Click fraud is when your competitors intentionally clicks on paid ads, which cost a lot of money on advertising in vain.
3. Relevance users-four of the five search engines do not report by clicking on paid advertisements.
4. Results: There is little or no long-term results with PPC marketing.

Organic marketing Search

Organic SEO marketing is more effective and produces much better long-term SEO PPC. Organic SEO strategies often include techniques such as strengthening relationships, optimizing keywords, optimizing meta-data, blogs, etc. Increasing your website ranking on search engine organic is often done by the use of services of a reliable SEO company. In trying to improve your search engine website organic results, you can expect:

1. Price-When you use an SEO company to pay an apartment and / or a monthly subscription instead of fluctuations Marketing PPC
2. From time to time you have more time to see results with organic SEO, the most likely outcome is that you get up there in the results pages of search engine and you take, rather than pay per click This does not affect organic classification for all.
3. Match-80% of users trust organic search results on the engine PPC ads. In addition, another study found that 29% of users are "annoyed" by paid advertising.
4. The results can expect to see results after several months of the marketing of organic SEO. It is important to note that SEO requires constant and dedicated effort to see results, not something once. Be patient and consistent with your organic SEO campaign and you will see great results in the long term.

Pay Per Click vs. Organic Search Marketing

Now that you know more about both pay per click and organic search marketing, I would say that search engine marketing is a better technique to increase web traffic. Pay per click, in the long term, it does not apply, unless CSF is complemented by strategies of SEO.

If you seriously want to improve your ranking and web traffic, pay per click is not going to cut and which will cost more than you plan on spending (trust me on this). I'm not saying it's bad for ppc, but not a very effective SEO strategy should be complemented by a comprehensive marketing campaign referencing appropriate.