Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PPC Advertising - 4 Easy Ways to Make Money Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most important innovations in advertising on the Internet. Within a few minutes, you can start flooding your website with thousands, even tens of thousands of qualified visitors interested in what you sell.

And the good thing about Google AdWords is that you only pay when visitors click on your ad. You pay only when someone is interested and takes action, making Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising the best possible advertising tool for any marketer, entrepreneur or business professional.

But how do YOU use PPC Advertising mediums such as Google AdWords to make money? There are 4 easy ways anyone can use Google AdWords to their advantage:

1. Affiliate Marketing - There are thousands of companies online that want to sell as many of their products and services possible. And to do that, they have affiliate programs where they offer affiliates a commission for making a sale. Being an affiliate is like a retailer where you get paid when a customer makes a purchase for your company advertising. Companies such as NetFlix, Yahoo, and even Dell uses affiliate marketing to drive sales. The best part: you do not own or store any of the products, just refer visitors to merchant's products and you are paid whenever a sale is made. This is guesswork out of coming up with your own business.

2. Selling your own Product or Service - On the other hand, you can also make money selling your own products or services. If you sell a line of baby or sell products accounting services, you can use Google AdWords to drive qualified visitors to your site and promote your business. The best part is you can market to prospects that are specifically interested in your business using keyword targeting.

3. AdSense Arbitrage - the other one AdSense program of Google where you display small text ads on your site and get paid when a visitor clicks on these ads. You can use Google AdWords to drive traffic to a site with AdSense on them to help costs money or even make a tube by bidding on keywords cheap while displaying ads with pay more of you in bidding.

4. Offers CPA - CPA (Cost per action) offers are similar to affiliate marketing you get paid for each performance. However, they offer for when your visitor completes an action. For example, merchants will pay you when visitors, entering their email address or register for a free sample / trial. Selling free trial is many times easier than getting consumers to commit to making a purchase.

4 is the easy way to make money from Google AdWords. If you are confused about the new how to use this amazing tool, you now have many options to create profitable income streams on the Internet.

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